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My name is Phil and I am sick and tired of the power companies taking my money. It seems every month they take more and more of my money.

Over the last year my utility bills have risen over 100%. Last year’s winter, my electrical bill was running 150.00 per month. This year’s winter, my bill jumped to 325.00. “I was shocked,” I have done nothing out of the ordinary to cause the increase. I didn’t add any more appliances or fancy gadgets to justify the increase.

I called the electric company and asked them, “Why in the h… has my bill jumped so high?” I told them I have done nothing to justify the increase. They explained to me their has been a rate increase again along with an increase in local tax.

This just upset me so much!

I figured there had to be a way to get around this outrageous monopoly. So I started to do some research on alternative energy. I found some solar power electricity information and thought DIY solar electricity could be the solution. The question on my mind was, How much does a solar panel cost and how does it work?

What I learned, you have a solar panel which collects sunlight. The panel is composed of solar cells or also know as “photovoltaic cells” which are soldered together.

The wires from the panel are then routed to an inverter which converts the electricity produced from the solar panel to household voltage.

You also want some batteries wired in to store all the excess electricity produced. This will give you power for night time and cloudy days.

So I figured, “Hey, I will get one panel, inverter and a battery and be all set!” Wrong!

I found out you need more than one panel. A basic solar powered system can usually run your lights and maybe a refrigerator. It most likely won’t run your central air conditioning and heat.

I started to price out the solar panel cost, inverters, batteries.

What an eye opener this was!

Solar panel cost can run from $2000 on up. I figured I would need about 10 of them.

Inverters were $3000 plus. Batteries would cost me $600 on up. Wow!

Now throw a contractor in for an additional $5000 and I am looking at about $31,000 to get back at the power company. This is getting me nowhere! This will take years to recover!

So the DIY Solar Power was the solution, but could I do it?

So I did like many,

I took my quest to the internet to find more solar power information. I was determined to find my cheap home solar power alternative.

What I got was more confused! I started to look at all of these, “DIY Solar Power” programs. I ended up buying 6 of them and this really got me confused. It was hard to make sense. Solder this to that, run wires from here to there, invert from here to there! Don’t touch this to that! Wow!

This was really getting confusing!

I being the creature of habit, set out to find a simpler program which would make all of this solar panel, solar electricity stuff make sense. I figured there had to be a simpler way to build my own home solar power which would make sense.

I stumbled upon this program, Green Power Easy. It seemed to make sense to me. So I bought it. I was really hoping this would be it! The wife was getting fed up with my solar power quest!

This program was exactly what I was looking for. Simplicity and cheap!

This guy had it down! The course showed me how to build solar panels for less than $200. It was easy! Showed where to get batteries cheap and sometimes for free. Where to get all my parts cheap.

Before you know it, I was building my own solar panels cheap! The only problem was, it took me a little longer to build them than the program claimed. But it was probably me!

The program has some very good videos which show you step by step how to build these solar panels and how to get everything connected. I can finally have my own home solar power system.

What I really like about this program is the support. These guys would answer my questions within 12-hours or less.

They even gave me lifetime free updates on the program. I also got some special bonuses.

The bonus I really like is, he shows you how to build a wind generator for less than $200. Guess what I am doing next?

The wife really thinks I am taking it to far!

But I get to laugh now, I am getting back at the power company. My power bills are cut in half! I will soon be totally off the grid.

This DIY Solar Power energy really works. It will take me a bit longer than I planned but I am busy and can only build on the weekends. So I will take my time building.

Soon I will have a complete home solar power system.

Here is a video I found on the Review of the program I used.

If you would like more solar power information on the program I used, follow the link.

Best of luck to you and yours!